The CENTER-TBI research priorities identified include:

  • Comparative effectiveness research to determine the benefits of current and new treatments
  • Prediction of outcome and how this is affected by patient injury and the quality of general and specific management across the continuum of care
  • Development and validation of surrogate markers of injury and recovery
  • A patho-anatomical and mechanistic patient classification system to enable targeted therapies

These research priorities are embodied in the CENTER-TBI project. CENTER-TBI represents a focused European effort to advance the care of patients with TBI, within the broader international framework of InTBIR (International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research). We expect profound impacts in terms of treatment provision (Precision Medicine and personalized management), health care policy (improved organisation and quality assessment), economy (improved cost-effectiveness), and most importantly, improved health, quality of life, and social integration for patients. International collaborations with other InTBIR partners and external institutes will help increase generalizability of our study findings, and ensure a global impact.

The CENTER-TBI project is designed as a comparative effectiveness research (CER) study with a strong emphasis on evidence translation and communication, aiming to achieve optimal dissemination of results.