Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Medical Imaging

Job summary

We are seeking to appoint a Research Associate to develop scalable and robust artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for the analysis and interpretation of medical images and related clinical data. The development of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will enable faster and early diagnosis, automation of expensive and time-consuming manual reporting, enhanced patient screening and stratification for optimal treatment. Ultimately, this will support a major redesign of clinical pathways to improve outcomes and efficiency.

You will be part of the Biomedical Image Analysis Group based at the South Kensington campus. The mission of the group is to develop novel, computational techniques for the analysis of biomedical images. For further information on the group see: The Group is part of the Department of Computing at Imperial College London which is a leading department of Computer Science in the UK.

Duties and responsibilities

We are looking to recruit a research associate for one of the areas below developing novel machine learning algorithms:

  • Interpretable and explainable AI/ML systems for the interpretation of medical images.
  • Transfer learning and verification for robust AI/ML systems that can be deployed in clinical practice.
  • Scalable, privacy-preserving and federated machine learning for large-scale databases of medical images.
  • Multi-modal deep learning algorithms for medical images and related clinical data.

The successful candidate will work as part of the newly-established London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre, a new network funded by Innovate UK and the EPSRC. The London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre has been established to improve NHS patient care and health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and support the growth of companies, supporting the economy. Its aim is to apply artificial intelligence technologies to medical imaging (for example, MRI scans, CT scans, PET scans and ultrasound). The Centre is a collaboration between three excellent universities (King’s, Imperial and QMUL), four leading NHS trusts as well as companies (Siemens, NVIDIA, IBM, GSK) as well as a number of UK-based SMEs in the area healthcare-based AI.

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