UROP project: Design of educational tools for the application of AI in healthcare and medical imaging

The Biomedical Image Analysis group in the Department of Computing conducts research and develops novel techniques based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the analysis of biomedical images (MR, CT, and so on). Within this group, the SmartHeart project (www.smart-heart.org) is a research programme to improve how heart disease is diagnosed, monitored and treated, through improved imaging techniques. A key component of this research programme is to educate the public on how Artificial Intelligence is used in medical imaging healthcare. To this end, we wish to develop a series of web-based tools and web-based computer games to educate audiences of all ages in an engaging and accessible way.  Key tasks will include:

  1. Develop platform to host educational resources (e.g. information, interactive games) that can be accessed via the Imperial website and mobile devices, etc.
  2. Design and development of web games and information pages to engage and inform the public.
  3. Design and implement interactive visualisation techniques for medical images that can be used to engage and inform the public.
  4. Working with researchers in the group to ensure that the developed resources are accurate and up to date.

We are looking for students with strong programming skills and web development experience. In particular we are looking for somebody who enjoys a creative challenge and has excellent communication skills. You should be passionate about making research accessible to the public, be able to use your initiative and can work without close supervision. Experience with computer game design, web development and visualisation tools would be ideal.

To apply you must be enrolled for an undergraduate degree in the UK to be eligible to apply. For more information please contact Katherine Bellenie, SmartHeart Project Manager, Department of Computing, Huxley Building, Room 568, South Kensington Campus. Tel. 0207 594 8284, Email: k.bellenie@imperial.ac.uk