BioMedIA at MICCAI 2017


The BioMedIA group has strong presence at this year’s International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions (MICCAI) which will be held in Quebec City in September. Papers presented at the main conference include:

B. Hou, A. Alansary, S. McDonagh, A. Davidson, M. Rutherford, J.V. Hajnal, D. Rueckert, B. Glocker, B. Kainz
Predicting Slice-to-Volume Transformation in Presence of Arbitrary Subject Motion

S. Parisot, S. Ktena, E. Ferrante, M. Lee, R. Moreno, B. Glocker, D. Rueckert
Spectral Graph Convolutions on Population Graphs for Disease Prediction

S. Ktena, S. Parisot, E. Ferrante, M. Rajchl, M. Lee, B. Glocker, D. Rueckert
Distance Metric Learning using Graph Convolutional Networks: Application to Functional Brain Networks

W. Bai, O. Oktay, M. Sinclair, H. Suzuki, M. Rajchl, G. Tarroni, B. Glocker, A. King, P. Matthews, D. Rueckert
Semi-Supervised Learning for Network-Based Cardiac MR Image Segmentation

R. Robinson, V. Valindria, W. Bai, H. Suzuki, P.M. Matthews, C. Page, D. Rueckert, B. Glocker
Automatic Quality Control of Cardiac MRI Segmentation in Large-scale Population Imaging

M. Sinclair, W. Bai, E. Puyol-Anton, O. Oktay, D. Rueckert, A. King
Fully Automated Segmentation-Based Respiratory Motion Correction of Multiplanar Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images for Large-Scale Datasets