We are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant/Associate as part of BioMedIA to develop an image and clinical data management system for the Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP – http://developingconnectome.org). The successful DevOps engineer will enable state-of-the-art scientific progress by building a bespoke infrastructure to support the organisation, processing and management of large-scale image and clinical data collection and storage that can be accessed via web-based user interfaces.

We are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant/Associate to develop novel machine learning algorithms for the reconstruction and analysis of cardiac MR images. The successful candidate will join the EPSRC funded SmartHeart (www.smart-heart.org) project, the next-generation of cardiovascular healthcare which uses integrated image acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and interpretation.

We have a number of exciting opportunities for PhD students in the area of Medical Image Computing. Research topics in this area include artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and imaging. Research opportunities focus both on translation of advanced computing and imaging technology into clinical practice addressing real-world problems in healthcare. Possible areas for PhD projects … Continued