The BioMedIA group has a long and successful history in developing novel image analysis tools and biomarkers for various clinical applications. Several, of these analysis tools and biomarkers are now routinely used in clinical trials to assess the efficacy of new drugs and treatments.


Many of our tools and biomarkers are commercially exploited by IXICO, a company co-founded in 2005 by Professor Daniel Rueckert with other colleagues from Imperial (Professor Hajnal) and UCL (Professors Hawkes and Hill). Several of IXICO‘s products, including Assessa, use algorithms developed in the BioMedIA group. IXICO’s Assessa is a decision-support tool for healthcare professionals looking to diagnose dementia and detect the underlying causes. Its underlying technology is based on the LEAP (Learning Embeddings for Atlas Propagation) algorithm.


For more information about the Impact Case Study that was submitted to REF2014 please follow this link.