Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning


Dr. Chen Qin is a Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Imperial-X, Imperial College London. Previously, she was a Lecturer at School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh from July 2020 to September 2022. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computing Research from Imperial College London in January 2020, and M.Sc. in Control Science and Engineering from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University in July 2015. Before moving to University of Edinburgh, she has worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Department of Computing, Imperial College London, where she has worked on deep learning-based MRI reconstruction, image registration and segmentation. Her pioneering work on convolutional recurrent neural networks for MRI reconstruction has been highly and widely recognised by international leading groups from both academia and industry. Overall, she has published more than 40 papers in top-tier peer-reviewed engineering and medical imaging journals and conference proceedings (google scholar). She has served as an area chair for MICCAI 2022 and a member of organising and programme committee at several international workshops, e.g., CMRxMotion 2022 and MLMIR 2022.

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