PhD Student


I am a PhD student in a Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies (JADS) at Imperial College London and TU Munich. My research is adversarial influence in the context of collaborative machine learning, specializing in medical imaging. I am open to collaboration on the topics of: Privacy Attacks on AI Systems, Adversarial Robustness of ML Models, Federated Learning, Differential Privacy and Collaborative Learning in Medical Imaging.

I am a privacy researcher at OpenMined, where I work on Federated Learning and Differential Privacy in Healthcare. My most recent works “Private Deep Learning for Hospitals using Federated Learning and Differential Privacy” and “Privacy-Preserving Medical Image Analysis” were published at PriCon 2020 and MedNeurIPS 2020 respectively.

I graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng in Computing and a distinguished project with the title of “Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning in a Medical Domain”.

Recent Publications